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As we’ve learned from more than one reality competition over the past few years, just because you don’t win the grand prize doesn’t mean you’re going to lose out on a shot at a singing career.

Although “X Factor’s” Chris Rene was a runner-up to the show’s first season winner Melanie Amaro, he’s joining the singer at Epic Records nonetheless, a rep from the label tells CNN.

“I’ve dreamt about this moment my whole life,” Rene has told Entertainment Weekly. “And now it’s here. Working with L.A. Reid — ‘Big Homie’ — is a dream come true.”

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 I have always found writing to be a great outlet for me.  I am hoping this modern version of letter writing will do just that.

2011 was one GIANT roller coaster, and 2012 hasnt been any easier. I hate to vent because I dont want people to mistake that for whining or being ungreatful for all the wonderful things I am blessed with. But I feel just because you are blessed, doesn’t mean when bad things strike, you can’t be upset about it. I just feel the need to get it OFF my chest. Get it out of my head… not bottle it up. – is that so wrong?

The funny thing is I am finding it very hard to figure out what I should write. When I know no one is going to read it, the pen doesn’t move fast enough. But I am discovering this blogging thing to drum up feelings I didnt realize would surface. Seems kinda silly… although real. I have alot of things going on in my head- what will people think? Do they even care? Will they think you sound like a whiny little baby? Will they judge me?

I’m looking forward to seeing where this takes me. Whether I use my blog to vent, give advice, ask advice … share thought or feelings. They will be MINE. My reality, my life..And I’m looking forward to sharing!

Before I sign off , I would like to say one thing….. GO NINERS!!!!! 🙂

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